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PEAM - Property Energy Automated Management

The complete toolbox for your building

The various solutions in the field of energy efficiency and building automation make us the ideal partner for digitizing your properties, making them energy-efficient and simplifying maintenance.


Our tools

Our tools fulfill a variety of functions to reduce your energy consumption and automate your maintenance.


Our PEAM Maintenance App saves you time and money and simplifies processes through automation.
With this maintenance software solution, you can keep an overview and always have control over your rental properties, offices and classrooms, no matter where you are.

More about the PEAM Maintenance App

The PEAM energy valves take the pressure out of your heating and cooling system. Whether district heating, heat pumps or gas heating. With the help of this hardware, we optimize your flow rate in the heating system, the necessary heating temperature and thus your consumption.

More about the PEAM energy valves

The PEAM Sustainability Explorer offers the perfect data backend and ensures the required data quality for you and us. No more manual transfer of your energy data! (electricity, gas, water, etc.) Live monitoring and transfer the desired values directly to your accounting system via the Rest API.

More about the PEAM Sustainability Explorer


The ISO-certified PEAM EnMS - Energy Management System analyzes and controls with the help of artificial intelligence. Among other things, it optimizes the flow temperature for heating and cooling. Reduce load peaks to get your grid costs under control.

More about PEAM EnMS

Intelligent matching between customer requirements and property characteristics.
With AI-supported workplace allocation, the PEAM EnMS can automatically shut down the heating or cooling in unused areas, floors or departments.

More about the Deskpilot

Perfect for retrofitting in
existing and historical protected buildings.

Existing buildings, especially older and listed buildings, have not been easy to make energy-efficient until now.
With PEAM, we offer solutions for equipping buildings with the necessary sensors and actuators regardless of their age.

Battery powered sensors

The low consumption of the sensors replaces the need for cable solutions, which usually involve structural measures and costs.

Boilers and radiators
of any age

PEAM works with water heaters regardless of their age and design. If you have a single boiler or a boiler room for a bigger building, we can control the temperature with electronic thermostats in every single unit.


Simple implementation

PEAM does not require any structural engineering planning with the structural engineer or architect; PEAM can be used in any building.

Quick implementation in day-to-day business

Since we carefully pre-plan the implementation and set up all the components at our site, we can guarantee quick installation.


















All with one APP.

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PEAM Maintenance App works for you, so your technicians can concentrate on essential work.

PEAM will send you push notifications about unusual activity in real time so you can react immediately. These can be forwarded to the people in charge immediately. This saves you man hours, money & nerves.

Clients & Partners

We enjoy working with clients and partners
who want to make their properties a better place to work or live.

All info about your property type

Schools / Educational institutions

Are you the owner or manager of one or more educational facilities?
Would you like to reduce energy consumption and relieve your FM?

PEAM Folder Schools & Educational Institutions PDF

Retirement homes / rehabilitation centers

Are you the owner or manager of retirement homes or rehabilitation centers?
Is user behavior cost-intensive? Would you like to reduce energy consumption and relieve your FM?

PEAM Folder Retirement Homes & Rehabilitation Centers PDF

Hotel / Short-term rental

Are you in the hotel industry and charging energy costs at a flat rate or not at all?
Would you like to improve your maintenance and save costs immediately?

PEAM Folder Hotel and short term rental PDF

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