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PEAM - Sustainability Explorer

Balance sheet data - no matter how many sensors, no matter how many buildings





"A well-designed dashboard allows an executive or manager to answer a question in eight seconds or less."

Stephen Few, author of the books 'Information Dashboard Design' and 'Show Me the Numbers'


Have your data under control!

Storage, quality, security, processing speed and retrievability


Save sensor data

The challenge for all large companies with many properties is to record and store the data.

The PEAM Systainability Explorer has proven to be able to handle thousands of sensor data.

Retrieve at any time

Data quality and fast retrieval are particularly important.

The dashboard provides LIVE data from all your buildings, but historical data is also available to you at any time without delay.

Balance sheet ready for accounting

Thanks to precise data capture, storage and fast retrieval, the PEAM Sustainability Explorer enables you to transfer your data to your accounting system via the Rest-API interface.

No manual entry and error-prone transfer of meter readings from the cellar. Your finance and controlling department won't wait.


Sensors for all situations

Our sensors are installed on the meters and retrieve the real data for electricity, water, gas and much more.
Your employees have better things to do than check meter readings.


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