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PEAM App - The maintenance tool

Digitize your building


Our maintenance software solution saves you time and money and simplifies processes through digitalization and automation. With the PEAM Maintenance App, you can keep an overview and always have control over the condition of your rental, hotel room, office and classroom units, no matter where you are.

Automate maintenance and save energy.

The PEAM Maintenance App enables active monitoring of the boiler, water detector, humidity, CO2 status, battery status of the sensors, window and door monitoring. This has a positive impact on your operating costs and offers your customers a better indoor climate.

Your employees can concentrate on more important tasks instead of spending hours checking whether windows are open, lights are turned off, and so on.

Compatible booking software or reservation apps enable automatic settings and configurations of the offices or living spaces through CheckIn and CheckOut triggers. Pre-set values of the desired climate can be checked and adjusted at any time.


A wide range of functions

PEAM works with a wide variety of sensors and actuators to support server-side logics and implement functions.


Door and window

Conveniently check via the PEAM App App or software which windows and doors are closed.
Trigger heating or air conditioning events when doors or windows are open to prevent unnecessary energy consumption. 


Heating and
Cooling control

Obvious, but the most important tool for energy saving.
Frost protection, automatic control via trigger (room, office, class not in use), Ease out when heating, ...

Condition monitoring
and management

Managed by yourself or automated, either through rules or in conjunction with a booking or reservation platform.


Water and humidity

Water sensors under the dishwasher or other "trouble spots".
Humidity sensors help to monitor the indoor climate and detect the possibility of mold.

and AI Learning

Get to know your building with automated suggestions, so you never lose sight of what’s going on – especially in large buildings.


Co2 - and
Smoke detector

Co2 measurement and smoke detectors in case of emergency. The Co2 data is also interesting for measuring the indoor climate and ventilation habits.

Tamper alarm

PEAM control devices and sensors are equipped with tamper alarm.


Battery status

Shows you the battery status of PEAM devices and others, such as emergency exit signs, locking systems, …


We are constantly working to expand the list of sensors and actuators!

Perfect for retrofitting in
existing and historical protected buildings.

Until now, it has not been easy to make existing buildings energy-efficient, especially older or listed ones.

Battery powered sensors

The low consumption of the sensors replaces the need for cable solutions, which usually involve structural measures and costs.

Boilers and radiators
of any age

PEAM works with water heaters regardless of their age and design. If you have a single boiler or a boiler room for a bigger building, we can control the temperature with electronic thermostats in every single unit.


Simple implementation

PEAM does not require any structural planning with the structural engineer or architect, caulking work or other structural measures. PEAM can be used in any building.

Quick implementation in day-to-day business

Since we carefully pre-plan the implementation and set up all the components at our site, we can guarantee quick installation.

















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PEAM works for you, so your technicians can focus on essential tasks. Automated processes reduce your energy costs. The hardware cannot be manipulated easily. You maintain the overview, increase the quality standard for your customers, cut corners and increase safety. 

PEAM will send you push notifications about unusual activity in real time so you can react immediately. These can be forwarded to the people in charge immediately. This saves you man hours, money & nerves.

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