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EnMS - Energy Management System

AI supported and certified.

Our certified EnMS - Energy Management System offers you a comprehensive solution to optimize your energy consumption. By integrating state-of-the-art technologies and data-driven approaches, we enable you to efficiently manage energy in your buildings. Our EnMS helps you reduce costs, maximize energy efficiency and achieve sustainable goals.

Thanks to our precise data collection and analysis, you are able to provide the data for ESG reporting with inventory analysis, target setting and review, and work in line with the EU taxonomy.

With PEAM EnMS you have control over your energy consumption, can make informed decisions and continuously improve your energy efficiency


Real time control

Internal but also external data such as weather data and forecasts, air pollution data, electricity utilization and, if available, current flexible electricity prices are used. This achieves optimization of energy consumption and the desired comfort.


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Intelligent load management

AI-powered load management: Identify peak load times and realize potential savings.

Our intelligent software analyzes the energy demand of your property in real time and controls non-essential loads automatically. With PEAM you optimize your consumption and improve efficiency.

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Heating & cooling optimization

Heating & cooling optimization with AI: Maximize comfort and minimize energy consumption of your buildings.

PEAM's AI-based solution continuously adjusts the supply temperature according to weather conditions and the characteristics of your properties. Lower operating costs and reduce CO2 emissions with PEAM.

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AI Sensors & Data Monitoring

AI sensor technology for precise data acquisition: Record the energy consumption of your systems in detail and use anomaly detection to identify problems in good time.

PEAM's advanced sensor technology identifies all major consumers in your buildings without installing 100 sensors. Use this data for informed decisions and sustainable reporting with PEAM.

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Analysis & Machine Learning

It uses machine learning, proprietary algorithms and the sensors installed by PEAM, to get to know the building in detail. The electricity consumers, the heating system, the cooling systems, ventilations, PV systems, storage,...


Monitoring and analysis

We get to know the building through data analysis and machine learning to discover and optimize savings potential.

Data mapping, reporting and application

The data obtained not only serve the requirements for ESG reporting as defined by the EU taxonomy, but also form the basis for comprehensible and meaningful measures such as our effective load management.

Load peaks and consumption

Peak avoidance for sensible grid provision. AI is needed to avoid these peaks, to optimize use of large electricity consumers such as charging stations, energy sources such as PV systems, the use of storage and the possible feed-in to the grid. This makes the analysis and control in the necessary reaction time possible.

Anomaly detection

Built-in anomaly detection helps identify unusual energy consumption patterns and doesn't wait for the electric bill to notify you.

Flow temperature - control

Whether cooling or heating, the AI-supported heating and cooling optimization controls optimally with savings and without loss of comfort or influence on the desired final temperature.
















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