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Belimo Energy Valve and PEAM optimization




Belimo Energy Valve™ and PEAM optimization

Tested technology with intelligent control

The Belimo Energy Valve™ enables pressure-independent flow control and transparent monitoring of the heating or cooling system.





The multifunctional all-in-one solution.

Thanks to this all-in-one solution, the investment costs are reduced compared to a conventional solution. Furthermore, the installation costs are lower, hydraulic balancing is considerably simplified and simple adaptation is possible in the event of conversion.



Integrated sensors for measuring the temperature spread, the flow rate (incl. compensation of the glycol content) and thus the output.


Control of valve position, flow rate or capacity for perfect regulation of the heat exchanger.


The Belimo Energy Valve™ always ensures the correct amount of water - even with differential pressure changes and in partial load operation.


No leaks thanks to air bubble-tight closing control ball valve.

Energy monitoring

Recording of all system data by the PEAM Sustainability Explorer and therefore ready for any reporting.

AI Learning

The AI of the PEAM EnMS works ideally with the data from the Belimo Energy Valves™ to calculate the exact flow temperature required. This applies to both heating and cooling systems.

Energy management and billing

"Energy control" and "energy billing" are combined with the new Belimo Energy Valve™.


Knowing where the energy flows.

In addition to transparent monitoring and control of the heating or cooling system, direct IoT-based cost billing is also possible.

The data from the immersion sensors is transferred directly to the PEAM Sustainability Explorer and are available to the FM. At the same time, the data is available to your accounting system together with your other building data via the REST API.


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