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Immo-Match - a Deskpilot product

Intelligent matching between customer requirements and real estate features.


Our cloud-based product Immo-Match compares clients needs based on their workplace requirements with the architectural parameters of potential real estate in your portfolio.

With the help of our proven surveys and standardized floor plan analysis, we can help highlight the match between your properties and customer needs, contributing to faster and more effective leasing. For clients, we offer a customized selection of office space to ensure a perfect match with their specific business requirements.

Real estate

  • Precise Property Matching
  • Attractive Portfolio Showcasing
  • Accelerated Leasing Process
  • Enhanced Client Satisfaction


  • Precise Property Matching
  • Streamlined Search Process
  • Informed Decision Making
  • Ideal Office Fit


Optimum climate with Deskpilot and PEAM EnMS

The updated occupancy plan created by Deskpilot is transferred to the PEAM EnMS at any time.
The PEAM EnMS then only heats and cools the required areas/floors/departments.


Adaptation of the climate

Whether cooling or heating, the PEAM EnMS takes over the daily schedule and only heats or cools the occupied floors or departments. This results in savings without any loss of comfort!

ESG Reporting

This optimization, the saved energy consumption and the saved CO2 are comprehensible and a sensible measure, noticeable in the E and S of ESG.

AI-supported booking plan

Deskpilot's AI automatically assigns the best work environment in the office to each employee on a daily basis, by sending an reservation email. Thereby ensuring a seamless, convenient experience.

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